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HGH Therapy Benefits for Enhanced Weight Loss

HGH Therapy Benefits for Enhanced Weight Loss

HGH Therapy Benefits for Enhanced Weight LossAccording to a 2010 report, adult growth hormone deficiency is characterized, in part, by fat accumulation and changes in lipid metabolism and body composition. It has been established that HGH benefits for weight loss include a reduction in overall and abdominal fat mass.

The study goes on to say that obesity (including abdominal obesity) results in further decline of growth hormone secretion. So, not only do you gain weight if you have low HGH levels, but that same weight gain will further reduce your growth hormone production.

If this sounds to you like a vicious cycle with no end, you are right. Unless, you turn to HGH for weight loss and the balancing of crucial hormone levels.

Why did we make the word “levels” plural? HGH assists in the production of other essential hormones, such as insulin growth factor 1, testosterone, and estrogen.

That is why it is imperative to ensure that your HGH levels remain in a higher normal range throughout adulthood.

A 2011 study also showed a decrease in average waist circumference and abdominal visceral fat in adults aged 40 – 65 years who received 26 weeks of recombinant human growth hormone treatment.

What Does HGH do for Metabolism?

Growth hormone is essential for your body’s ability to break down and metabolize the food you consume. That is part of the reason why we see the benefits of HGH for fat loss in adults.

Here is some information about the metabolic effects of HGH:

  • Metabolism of Protein: human growth hormone increases the uptake of amino acid in tissues. By stimulating protein anabolism, HGH also increases protein synthesis as well as decreasing protein oxidation.
  • Metabolism of Carbohydrates: HGH helps maintain normal blood glucose levels by suppressing insulin’s ability to stimulate the peripheral tissue uptake of glucose. Growth hormone also enhances the liver’s ability to synthesize glucose.
  • Metabolism of Lipids (fats): HGH stimulates the breakdown of triglycerides and oxidation in adipocytes to enhance the utilization of fat by the body.

HGH benefits for weight loss include the effective processing of the food you eat. In that way, it can be utilized for fuel and not turn into stored fat.

How Much Weight Can You Lose with HGH?

Before you try to jump on the bandwagon of weight loss with human growth hormone therapy, there is more you need to know. You cannot get HGH for weight loss for sale for solely for ridding your body of unwanted fat. HGH is not a diet or weight loss tool. Yes, some studies have shown positive outcomes of loss of visceral abdominal fat with HGH, but that does not mean you will see gigantic changes on a scale.

One reason why the scale may not change much is that HGH also promotes increased muscle development. No, that does not mean you will develop bulging muscles – far from it. What will occur is that your lean muscle mass will improve. The result will be a more physically toned and fit appearance. Since muscle takes up less space than fat, although you will see a difference in how you look, the numbers may not translate onto the scale.

Your HGH benefits for weight loss will be higher if you are obese and have more weight to lose in general. The average person may see a decrease in fat mass of about 10 to 14 percent over six months of treatment. On the flip side, you may also notice an increase in lean mass of about the same amount.

Why should you use HGH for weight loss if you will just gain the same amount in lean muscle?

Muscle helps burn calories at a higher rate than fat. You will have more energy from increasing HGH levels. As a result, you will likely engage in more physical activity. Increased exercise helps you burn more calories, so you will then continue to lose weight. Remember, HGH therapy is about more than just losing abdominal fat. It is also about improving your health, appearance, and extensive physiological and cognitive functions.

How Quickly Will You Lose Weight with HGH?

Remember, HGH for fat loss results stem from changes in how your body metabolizes the food you eat. The first thing you will notice is an increase in energy because your metabolism will be turning what you consume into fuel not fat. The scale may not budge much right away, but changes inside your body will be underway. Increased energy is evident during the first two weeks of HGH therapy.

We recommend taking HGH for weight loss before and after photos because while the scale may not show a significant improvement, your physical tone will alter with each passing month. You should start to see the changes during the second and third month of treatment.

Of course, you have the ability to speed the process of weight loss. By making some changes in your daily life and habits, you can increase your fat burning potential:

  • Intermittent fasting (consuming all food between noon and 6 or 8 pm) can help the body burn fat more efficiently.
  • Cutting out sugar, processed foods, empty carbohydrates (white bread and grains), and fried foods can increase weight loss.
  • Increasing daily activities such as exercise and general movement can burn higher amounts of calories.
  • Getting a minimum of seven hours of quality sleep improves HGH production, functions, and the metabolism of food.

To learn more about HGH benefits for weight loss, please contact our hormone clinic. Our medical advisors will explain how HGH can benefit you if you have growth hormone deficiency. Consultations are confidential and provided by phone at no charge.